Knox College Students Talk Environment With Hare

From WGIL radio:

Students of a local college and a local congressman have been able to discuss their environmental concerns in an eco-friendly way. Knox College students gathered Wednesday on campus to hear from and ask questions to 17th District Congressman Phil Hare on issues ranging from local wind energy to foreign oil dependance.

The students were involved in the video conference call as part of the National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions where members of Congress from around the county engaged a dialogue with students from their districts. Kathleen Beeson, a Knox College student, says it was, in her words, really cool for Hare to take time from his schedule and meet with students to discuss the environment.

Also from the Register-Mail:

Hare battles technology to get his message out

Congressman Phil Hare, D-Rock Island, is all in favor of the kind of high-tech green society we all dream of. But his attempt to hold a tele-conference between his Washington office and students at Knox College on Wednesday showed we have a long way to go before that dream becomes a reality.

Hare had hoped to speak to the students through a live video feed about the perils of global warming. Unfortunately, technology let him down, and his voice struggled to overcome static interference.

Nevertheless, the students who gathered to hear Hare were delighted by his effort to engage with them.