Knox students to share cuisines, cultures

From the Register-Mail:

With students from 48 countries and 47 states, Knox College has been recognized as one of the most diverse and international colleges in America.

Each year at the college’s International Fair, the public is invited to experience culture, cuisines and entertainment from around the world….

Abena Quainoo, a Knox senior from Botswana, is president of Harambee Club, whose members will be preparing several African dishes. Quainoo and co-chef Ewurama-Abaka Sampson, a senior from Ghana, plan a menu of Jollof Rice — rice stewed in spicy sauce with vegetables and beef — as well as fried plantains, pea stew, home-style salad and homemade toffee.

Most of the dishes originate from West Africa, but the cooking crew is from Nigeria, Burkina-Faso, Ghana, Botswana, Albania and the United States.

“Back home, food is what brings people together under any circumstance,” Quainoo said. “It is a real pleasure to be able to achieve that in a land that is foreign to most of us.”