Tom Loewy: The ‘magic’ of Lincoln’s chair

From the Register-Mail:

Covered in slightly faded red velvet and framed in carved wood, it is the chair Abraham Lincoln sat in on the eve of his famous Oct. 7, 1858, debate against Stephen A. Douglas……

Eventually the chair — which had been at the mayor’s house during a reception for Lincoln when the future president planted his derriere in it — was moved to Old Main and put next to the fireplace. A portrait of Lincoln hangs above the mantel.

The room — with its floor-to-ceiling mirror on the wall opposite the chair and two chandeliers suspended from the ceiling — hasn’t changed much since the spring day in 1960 when then-athletic director Dean S. Trevor led a young prospective coach and his wife into Alumni Room.

“Dean Trevor pulled out a seat for my wife, Peggy, and sat down and directed me to sit in a certain chair,” Harley Knosher said. “And then Dean Trevor told me ‘You are sitting in Abraham Lincoln’s chair. You don’t lie when you’re sitting in this chair.’ And I didn’t.”