Politicians, Students Videoconference About Climate-Change Solutions

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

With several men in ties staring at laptops and talking over one another into headsets around a table laden with Ethernet cables on Wednesday, the cramped room looked like a call center. In fact, it was a conference room in the U.S. Capitol building, and the men on the headsets were members of Congress.

They were at the National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions, a nationwide event involving more than 750 colleges and schools. Twelve representatives and one senator cycled through Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s fourth-floor suite to participate in live Web conferences with colleges and high-school students from their home districts. The subject of the day was climate change…..

It was a rare opportunity for the students and their representatives to chat face-to-face.

“It actually lets them know that I’m a living human being, and not just this guy on a yard sign or someone that they see in a 30-second campaign commercial,” said Rep. Phil Hare, Democrat of Illinois, who spoke to students at Knox College.