Knox women reach out to teens

From the Register-Mail:

Nine women at Knox College hope a new group will bring about positive change effected by teen girls.

Be the Change, a group developed by Knox junior Sarah Miller of Phoenix, aims to bring together Knox women and girls in Galesburg-area high schools to create a place where teens can discuss things that are bothering them. Miller came up with the idea after spending four years working with Workshops for Youth and Family, a peer-mentoring program in Phoenix.

The camps “really helped people develop communication skills, leadership skills and really addressed issues that teenagers struggle with. It was very life-shaping for me,” she said. “To have a positive peer mentor at that age is one of the most important things I had in my life, (and) I missed being able to have that connection with people and to foster those kinds of skills.”

Last fall, Miller began talking with fellow Knox students Stefanie Gordon, Lola Copeland, Shruti Patel, Lauren Lynch, Kate Robbins, Helen Hapner, Mary Reindl and Grace Fourman about ways in which they could bring a similar program to Galesburg.