Literate college features 6 literary publications

From the Register-Mail:

Buoyed up by a strong creative writing department, Knox College boasts six regular literary publications.

Five of the publications feature original creative works and the sixth is dedicated to works of literary criticism. Three, all student-run, are devoted to writing in specific genres.

“The different magazines play different roles,” said Lori Haslem, associate professor of English. “The flagship publication … is Catch. Part of what attracts students to the program is when they see this beautiful glossy magazine.”

Catch is a biannual literary magazine composed of work by Knox students and recent alumni. All works are judged and selected for inclusion by Knox students, and Haslem says the competition is fairly stiff.

On the other end of the spectrum is Cellar Door, a publication which features all submitted works, provided authors agree to submit their pieces to worskshop workshop where they are read and critiqued in a group.