Knox students embrace green: Life at Knox College’s Eco House revolves around environmental ethics

From the Peoria Journal Star:

Residents at Eco House on the Knox College campus dabbled briefly in vermiculture, a worm farming technique for composting organic kitchen scraps.

That project gave way to conventional composting outside the back door.

There are no commercial household cleaning products at Eco House. Instead, students clean with white vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. There are no rigid rules, but resident Fayne Lawson encourages moderation in flushing the toilet based on content.

Life at Eco House evolves around an environmental ethic that’s becoming a guiding force at schools throughout the Midwest and across the country. Students at Knox College, Bradley University and Eureka College are taking their environmental ethic to school administrators and advocating for more sustainable green practices.

No sign proclaims the mission of Eco House, but outside indicators include two rain barrels to retrieve water runoff from the roof, remnants from last summer’s organic vegetable garden and a compost bin by the kitchen door.