Knox College Professor Wants Current Way of Drawing Congressional Boundaries Reformed; Recommends Iowa’s Process

From WGIL radio:

A professor at a local college hopes the way the state’s congressional districts are drawn gets a once-over.

State contracting and campaign fundraising have been getting much of the attention in Springfield. Knox College Public Policy Professor Jim Nowlan says the drawing of the districts, from which lawmakers are elected and happens once every ten years, should be reformed. The redistricting process is required to adjust for changes in population.

Nowlan, who was a state representative between 1969 and 1973, says the state’s districts have no compactness or logic to them other than to elect the incumbent. He says the process has become one in which lawmakers select their voters rather than voters selecting their lawmakers. Nowlan says Iowa handles redistricting by producing a map that lawmakers can either accept or reject, but they can’t change it.