3 critiques of the president’s remarks

From The Arizona Republic:

The Republic asked two [sic] people with unique perspectives to share their impressions of President Barack Obama’s commencement address at Arizona State University.

Mitchell S. McKinney is a professor at the Department of Communications at the University of Missouri.

Rodolfo Espino is a political-science professor at ASU specializing in American politics, racial politics and voting rights.

Corey Woods is the first African American elected to the Tempe City Council. He is working toward a master’s degree at ASU in education and has taught prospective teachers at the school as well….

Espino: As expected, he talks about the turbulent economy that these graduates now enter…. this is similar to his famous Knox College speech from 2006 where he warned about greed and irresponsibility…. we now see that a lot of that has come to pass, which he uses as a brilliant opportunity to talk about again… brilliant because it shows his concerns are still the concerns of the majority of the American electorate.