Will 2010 grads get cap, gown, Colbert?

Students at ASU are trying to entice Stephen Colbert to give the 2010 commencement address:

From the State Press.com:

“We want to make it seem like a challenge to Colbert. Can he pack Sun Devil Stadium [like Obama did]?” Aguilar said.

Even though the event is still almost an entire year away, the work has already begun. So, if you, too, are a member of the Colbert Nation, what can you do?

Give Stephen some sound advice. Write him a strongly worded letter of concern; he could find it troublesome that Obama and his “socialististas” spread their propaganda all over our campus, a campus that is already prone to devil worship. Let him know that ASU is only No. 121 in US News & World Report’s rankings and is desperate for the “Colbert bump.”

Warn him that if he doesn’t come, we could be stuck with some blowhard like Sean Penn. Remind him that even though he’s already received an honorary doctorate from Knox College, an ASU degree would be the real feather in his cap as the president didn’t even get one.