Senate votes for $17.5 million for city overpasses: Knox College may get $2.9 million in state funds

From the Register-Mail:

The Illinois Senate passed a capital improvement program Wednesday that includes $17.5 million for the proposed railroad overpasses on West Main and North Seminary streets.

The money is part of a $29.9 billion capital construction program passed by the senate, which will still have to be approved by the Illinois House of Representatives and signed into law by Gov. Pat Quinn.

Also included in the program is $2.9 million in funding for Knox College. Karrie Heartlein, director of public relations at Knox, said the money was likely intended to pay for sprinkler systems in dorms and resident halls at the college. All college resident halls in the state are required to have sprinkler systems by 2013, Heartlein said. Knox had yet to receive details of the specific intended use of the $2.9 million, she added.