Knox College alum, now 101, attends graduation

From the Chicago Tribune:

Florida resident David “Jeff” Walton concedes that he doesn’t remember much about his time at Knox College — let alone his graduation.

But that’s not a sign that Walton attended the Galesburg school in the 1960s. He beat that self-indulgent era by a few decades.

Walton is 101 now, and he graduated in 1929. The former United Airlines employee is believed to be the oldest Knox graduate ever to return to the campus for a reunion.

Walton sat in the front row at Saturday’s commencement ceremony, and college president Roger Taylor came down from the podium to shake his hand.

From WIUM – Tri-States Radio: (Macomb, IL)

The oldest living Knox College alumnus returned to Galesburg to attend this year’s graduation ceremony.

David “Jeff” Walton is 101 years old. He was born on January 4, 1908 in Denver, Illinois. He started at Knox College in 1925.

Walton says he originally wanted to attend the University of Illinois to play baseball. But a family member convinced him to go to Knox College instead, and Walton says he “got hooked.”

Walton graduated from Knox College with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1929, at the very beginning of the Great Depression. He says living through that and the many recessions since has been a struggle. Walton says the economic downturns showed him the importance of holding on to a job.

Walton says he had fun at Knox College. He also says his education did not end there.

“Your education just goes right on. It’s different than going and sitting down in a class, but you get educated differently,” says Walton.

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