Grads jump into middle of down economy

 From the Register-Mail:

Before Kevin Goetsch was accepted into a master’s program at DePaul University in Chicago, his post-college plans were up in the air.

The senior at Knox College had applied for several jobs in various fields, with very little success.

“I was looking for a lot of different things,” he said Thursday while relaxing on campus. “I had a couple of nibbles, I guess, but nothing in the long-term career type of thing.”

Goetsch, 22, who will graduate at Knox College’s commencement today, ran into the dilemma many other 2009 graduates face.

The national unemployment rose to 9.4 percent in May and is expected to continue to rise, possibly hitting double digits for the first time since the early 1980s.

The increased national unemployment rate has flooded an already shrinking job market with qualified and experienced workers just as college graduates enter the market.

The influx of qualified employees has given businesses an advantage when they seek to hire new workers.