Knox honors program prepares students for next step

From the Register-Mail:

Many Knox College students visit family and friends during winter break.

Some travel to warm climates and get away for a few weeks.

Stephen Herzog, however, visited Europe to sit face-to-face with a government official from Belgium.

He had an honors project to complete and an interview with the country’s special envoy for nuclear disarmament and nonproliferation was a key component.

What he had thought was going to be a 15-minute conversation stretched into a two-hour back-and-forth about the need, or lack thereof, for American nuclear weapons in Europe.

“At the time, to have the opportunity to speak to such a high level of a person is unbelievable,” said the 22-year-old Herzog, who graduates from Knox College today.

Herzog was one of 26 Knox College seniors who undertook an honors project this year in lieu of two classes. As part of the program, he received a grant that paid for much of his travel through Europe during break interviewing government officials and poring over primary documents.

The program has been around at Knox College for more than 50 years. Students propose a project, and if accepted, they assemble a three-person committee composed of faculty members. One of the members serves as an adviser for the project.