College 4 Kids a learning experience for instructors, too

From the Register-Mail:

College 4 Kids drew 250 students this year and allows students from elementary and middle schools in the area to participate in a two-week educational setting.

The instructors range from elementary school teachers and Knox College professors to Knox College students who strive to one day be teachers themselves.

Most of the students are benefactors of a range of scholarships available.

“We don’t want to preclude children from coming just because of their family income level, especially with the economic problems facing the nation at the moment,” Schroth said.

The programs include instruction in the fine arts and foreign language, among many other options for the students.

The students range in age from 6 to 13.

One of the main benefits of the program, Schroth said, is to strengthen the interaction between the school and the Galesburg and regional community.

“Galesburg parents are very concerned with their children,” he said. “They see a program that is relatively inexpensive. That’s a real strong emphasis on our part, that it is affordable.”

Although the co-directors emphasized that the students’ safety is of the utmost concern, another major aspect of the program is the teaching opportunity it provides for 15 Knox College students, who serve fellowships exposing them to life as an educator.

“They get some real hands-on experience that allows them to see themselves as teachers in the classroom,” Helfer said.