‘Loopers’ tie up in Destin during 6,000 mile voyage

From Destin.com (Destin, Florida):

Both taking the summer off from life, sisters Katie and Elizabeth McPhail found themselves in the same boat – headed on a 6,000 mile voyage on a watery path known as The Great Loop.

“The day after graduation, we got on the boat,” Elizabeth, 22, said.

The new grad walked off the platform at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill., with a diploma in hand, and no real plans in mind. But Katie had an idea that led the girls and friend Sammy Almohandis, 22, to Destin for a couple of days.

“I first heard about the Great Loop earlier this year,” said Katie, a 26-year-old Issaquah, Wash., native.

The Great Loop is the circumnavigation of the Eastern United States by the waterways that divide it from the rest of the continent. ‘Loopers’ typically chart a course through the nation’s river systems, lakes and coastlines through the Intracoastal Waterway.