Illini Trustees To Blame?

From NBC News Chicago:

Even though University of Illinois administrators were the ones who buckled, a few former presidents and chancellors of the institution say the trustees are ultimately to blame for the culture of clout that developed around the school’s admissions process….

“It is within the Governor’s power to alter the composition of the board,” former presidents Stanley Ikenberry and James Stukel and former chancellors Morton Weir and Michael Aiken wrote in a challenge to Gov. Pat Quinn, “[and] appoint a generation of Trustees who will create a new culture of governance.”….

“I would have objected strongly and hoped that would be enough,” former chancellor Morton Weir told the Tribune. Weir, who said he was never pressured to admit a student, is now a trustee of Knox College. “If they said, ‘Admit or else,’ I would have taken ‘or else.’ I wouldn’t have stood for it.”