Shelves begin to fill with books

From the Register- Mail:

As Ben “Stone” Stomberg prepares to open Stone Alley Books & Collectables, 53 S. Seminary St., he’s so excited he can barely sleep at night. That’s probably not much of an issue. He said that the other night he and people helping him get the store ready were still working at 1:20 a.m.

An open house Aug. 21 will precede the store’s official opening Aug. 22. ….

Stomberg said friends, family and Knox College students have helped. He took possession of the building July 1. Boxes of used books were everywhere Friday. He busily entered inventory into a computer, as his three helpers put books on shelves.

Used books, used comics and vinyl records are in already. Stomberg is awaiting the first shipment of new books and comics.

Stomberg bought many of the used books from an estate sale that reportedly included 3,000 books.

“If it was actually 3,000, I’d say we have 2,000 of them,” he said.