Q & A: Taylor talks

From the Register-Mail:

Knox College’s Roger Taylor will begin his ninth year as president when students return to classes Sept. 10. A board member of the Galesburg Regional Economic Development Association, Taylor says his school’s model could help Galesburg climb out of its current local recession. He sat down with The Register-Mail’s education reporter Marco Santana to talk about his recent appointment to the Illinois Humanities Council, the future of the Knox County Courthouse and what he thinks about Knox College’s reputation and relationship with the city of Galesburg….

Q: As you prepare for your ninth year, what is your mindset with the year coming up soon?

Taylor: My thought process is how short the summer is because it seems like commencement was just over and already we are geared up for new students to move in on Sept. 6. Classes will begin on Sept. 10. And today, (July 31) we’re in the process of welcoming about 160 prospective students for the fall of 2010. We’re a year ahead.

Q: The school was recently named to two national college guides. How do you promote that with prospective students?

Taylor: We promote more Loren Pope’s book, “Colleges that Change Lives.” In part because, that’s what we do at Knox, transform students. I’m starting my 9th year. I have never had a question about the Princeton Review, never had a question about the Fiske guide, never had a question about U.S. News. But from time to time I’ll have a parent carrying Loren Pope’s “Colleges that Change Lives.” There are 40 colleges similar to Knox in the book. It’s a good write-up of Knox so that’s the guide.

Q: As president, what do you think when you see your school in those guides?

Taylor: When it’s good, and it mostly is, it’s terrific. Sometimes they say things that are not the greatest, either about the college or the town. One of these books, I think it was Fiske, had kind of a back-handed slap at Galesburg. I didn’t care for that.