Council takes a look at Knox College: Meeting helps to strengthen links between city, college

From the Register-Mail:

Members of the City Council got a glimpse of campus life Tuesday when they were given a guided tour of Knox College.

Knox College President Roger Taylor escorted Mayor Sal Garza, City Manager Dane Bragg and three City Council members around the campus, making stops at Old Main, the Seymour Library and the Knosher Bowl.

Garza said it was important to broaden understanding of the role Knox plays in the local community and the many benefits the college brings to Galesburg. “It is a great stabilizer for the local economy. The jobs at Knox are really recession proof and they are always very inviting to the local community,” he said.

Knox College Chief Financial Officer Tom Axtell gave a presentation to the City Council at Old Main that underlined the importance of the economic contribution the college makes to Galesburg.

The college employs 378 faculty and staff with an annual payroll of about $16 million. “Most of those people live in Galesburg and they buy stuff in Galesburg,” Taylor said.