Guest Opinion: MAP grants important to our common future

From the Register-Mail:

Approximately one in four Illinois college students will be left out in the cold come Jan. 1, 2010. Many highly motivated, bright students will not be able to continue attending Illinois colleges and universities because the state of Illinois has eliminated funding for the Monetary Award Program….

In this current recession, Illinois students forced to drop out of college are unlikely to find jobs. And students who drop out of college before graduating rarely return. Some of those students may well leave the state, taking with them one of Illinois’ most valuable natural resources — tomorrow’s teachers, business leaders, inventors, doctors and artists.

For these students, a quality education like that offered by Knox College, Monmouth College, and Carl Sandburg College is the step up they need to become successful citizens in Illinois. Help us remind the governor and General Assembly of how important MAP is to our common future. Contact your state representatives and senators in the next few days and urge them to find a funding solution to restore the MAP grant.