Recession lecture at Knox Oct. 1

From the Register-Mail:

Knox College will present a lecture Oct. 1 looking at the causes of the current recession and the changes that are likely and needed to prevent a recurrence. Entitled “The Great Recession – Two Perspectives” will feature two executives.

The speakers — William A. Longbrake, retired vice chairman of Washington Mutual Bank, and, John Lawler, controller, U.S. Marketing and Sales, Ford Motor Company — will share their personal experiences at two large national corporations that have seen the recession play out in very different ways.

Washington Mutual was one of the first banks, and the largest, to fail during the crisis, eventually merging into JP Morgan Chase. Ford Motor Company was the only U.S.-based automotive manufacturer to avoid bankruptcy during the recent financial crisis.

Longbrake and Lawler are members of Knox’s Business Advisory Council, which advises the college’s business and management program.