Knox alumni swap hopes and fears: Changes abound, but camaraderie still present

From the Register-Mail:

Knox College’s campus felt like the scene of a big family reunion Saturday, as alumni from around the nation returned for Homecoming to swap tales of the past and hopes for the future.

Chicago attorney Paul Raya, class of ’95, watched the homecoming game at the Knosher Bowl with his buddy Trey Morrison, a chemical engineer in North Aurora from the class of ’96.

They both said that Knox’s relatively small size made for a tight-knit atmosphere of camaraderie that stays with people long after they leave Galesburg to begin the rest of their lives.

“One thing about Knox that’s different is that when you see an alum you’ll always say ‘hi’ and talk to them and catch up and that’s different if you’re from a big school. Knox is just more personal,” Raya said.

Morrison gets back to Knox almost every year for Homecoming. This year, he arrived in Galesburg on Thursday and met with students to give them career tips. But he noticed that students are more interested in giving back to the community than they were in the past. “There’s really a tremendous sense of volunteerism that wasn’t here when we were here,” he said. “There’s a lot more altruism about.”

Off-campus, Raya said Galesburg had changed quite a bit since his graduation. “When we were here there were no coffeehouses and there wasn’t as many boutiques and Cherry Street was still open,” he said.