Numerous Events Highlight Knox College Homecoming

From WGIL radio:

Events that took a team of individuals months to schedule and prepare for will be on display this weekend at a local college.

Knox College celebrates its homecoming beginning Friday running through the weekend, and there’s plenty for both alumni and current students to attend that will make the weekends events worthwhile.

Director of Alumni Programs at Knox, Carol Brown, who is also a Knox grad, says she began preparing for homecoming celebrations earlier this year in order to get the word out to the schools 14,000 alumni all around the country.

Brown tells WGIL in addition to many programs being offered this weekend, one provides alumni with the opportunity to head back to class and interact with current students.

“It’s very popular. Alumni are given the opportunity to return to the classroom on Friday morning, and there are a selection of classes for them to choose from,” Brown said. “The feedback I receive both from faculty and alumni, is that it’s a very good experience, and there is some interaction that happens between the alumni and current students.”