Japanese Club’s ‘Kimodameshi’ haunted house offers grotesque imagery

From the Register-Mail:

The sound of children singing. Half-seen images of women, dark hair dangling over their faces. And the Japanese urban legend of a beautiful woman who sheds a surgical mask to reveal a cut mouth.

The horror offered Friday night inside Knox College’s Lincoln Room was based on implication — and comforting images twisted in terrifying ways.

A group of about 20 Knox College students in the Japanese Club offered a different take on Halloween horrors, hosting what they called a “Kimodameshi.” The haunted house with a distinctly different flavor was free and based on ghost stories from both long-standing and popular Japanese culture.

“A kimodameshi is translated as a kind of test of courage,” said 22-year-old Yumi Kusunoki, a Knox student from Osaka, Japan and co-president of the Japanese club.