Knox College: Galesburg People Get Part of Credit for Enrollment Increases

From WGIL radio:

An administrator at Knox College says enrollment at the school continues an upward trend, and there are a lot of factors that help make that happen.

Knox Dean of Admissions Paul Steenis says 1,407 students are currently enrolled in classes at the school — the highest level since 1971. 1,384 of those are degree-seeking students, which Steenis says is well above college targets.

Steenis tells WGIL students spreading the word about the school, recruitment efforts, and quality faculty all help, but there’s one other factor that’s just as important.

“Each year, the Admission Office brings in more than 5,000 visitors — just prospective students and parents — and their first impression of Knox is that of Galesburg, and their interactions with the folks in Galesburg, in the shops in the hotels, other businesses — even the gas station attendants. It’s their interactions with the folks in Galesburg that all contribute to the positive experience that they’re considering when they’re considering spending four years of their lives here in the community,” Steenis said.

Steenis says the college is also very proud of its student population. He cites statistics that indicate a great cultural diversity, and ones that indicate that a third of students attending were at the top of their high school classes.