CD pioneer knew sound of the real thing

Walt Stinson ’70, founder of ListenUp, is profiled in the Denver Post:

Q: Your induction into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame was partly based on your pioneering insight to the future of the compact disc. How did you recognize it as more than just an 8-track fad?A: A number of years after I moved here in 1972 to start ListenUp with my partner, Steve Weiner, the CD came out. That was 1983, the same year IBM introduced the PC and the beginning of the transition from analog to digital electronics, the beginning of an evolution.

I was involved in electronics throughout my teenage years and my first job in college at Knox College in Illinois was as an IBM intern, and I was trained to recognize this sort of thing.

When you’re young, you’re ready to focus on the future. We brought the first CDs back in aluminum suitcases, and the customs officials had never seen them before.