U.S. Secretary of Transportation Visits Local College

From WGIL radio:

A Peoria native selected to be the U.S. Secretary of Transportation stopped by a local college in an effort to promote what the community is doing to look towards the future.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood was in Galesburg Tuesday speaking to members of the community about how proud he is that over $88 million is coming locally to improve the railroad system.

LaHood was with a number of officials at a luncheon at Knox College and LaHood told the crowd that money is coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to improve a number of projects in the area.

“For starters, 11 road and bridge projects in Knox, Peoria, Stark, and Warren Counties, including $2.3 million dollars to resurface State Road 116, $77,000 to make Amtrak’s Galesburg facility more accessible, and nearly $600,000 for bus shelters and other equipment to help modernize transit facilities in Galesburg.”

LaHood says every time you see an orange barrel or orange cone it means jobs to him like when people in the Galesburg area get stuck at trains, he sees jobs and progress.