Roundtable: Thankful about the ‘Burg

From the Register-Mail:

What are you thankful for in the Galesburg community?

Knox enriches community
I’m thankful that Knox College is part of our community. Galesburg would be charming enough without it, but the college adds so much. Nearly every week there is an excellent concert, lecture, recital or play, often for free. Our award-winning community orchestra would not likely be so impressive without Knox College talent. Unlike some private college libraries, the Seymour grants any county resident check-out privileges. And the staff at the superb Knox College Archives could not be more helpful and civic minded. On campus are some of Galesburg’s most precious architectural gems, historic sites and urban green spaces.

Knox College is also one of Galesburg’s larger employers, and those jobs are not going away. Each year the college generates tourist dollars during commencement weekend and other special events. Galesburg’s economy also benefits from the money spent by students, faculty and staff at local businesses. Sure, there is some town-gown tension, inevitable wherever a college exists, but that is nothing compared to the many ways Knox College enriches our community. Will Schick