Bell: From Fighting Poets to Medics, it’s all in the nickname

From the Qunicy Hearald-Whig:

Question: What do Pretzels, Geoducks and Wooden Shoes all have in common? Answer: The same thing Student Princes, Orphan Annies and Criminals do. They are all some of the best high school, collegiate or professional nicknames in sports.

No, really, they are.

Nicknames often give our teams an identity, but let’s face it, some are just downright hysterical.

Try telling me the Whittier College (Cal.) Fighting Poets doesn’t make you laugh. It’s almost as funny as the California State University-Long Beach baseball team, which unofficially goes as the Dirtbags…

Some nicknames are pretty creative like the Polo (S.D.) Bears. Trying saying that five times fast. What about the Gregory (S.D.) Girl-illas or the University of New England Nor’Easters?

Heck, even this extended area provides us with some interesting nicknames. Are the students in Putnam County (Mo.) really Midgets? Do Prairie Fires really rage at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill.? And what caused Western Illinois University to name their female teams the Westerwinds? It’s a good thing they switched and joined the men as the Leathernecks.