Knox College International Fair draws crowd Saturday

From the Register-Mail:

The theme of the cultural and educational booths of this year’s Knox College International Fair was stereotypes, how to break them down. Because the world is much larger than the 82-acre Knox campus, there are many misconceptions about other cultures.

Seven percent of the Knox student body consists of international students, representing 48 countries, which makes the small liberal arts college in west-central Illinois a microcosm of the world outside the borders of the United States.

The International Fair began Saturday with a culinary trip around the globe, as foods from many nations were served during a buffet at Seymour Union. From flan, a type of Spanish custard, to asazuke, Japanese pickled cabbage to musakhkhan, Palestinian onion and chicken bread and much more, there was a United Nations selection of food for students and community members who jammed the area set up for diners.

The cultural and educational displays at Ford Center for Fine Arts featured exhibits and demonstrations by a number of international clubs on campus. There was information on Spain, Japan, Africa, Asia, China, South Asia, Latino culture, Germany, France, as well as a student anti-genocide coalition, a bake sale to benefit Haiti, Invisible Children — focused on the child soldiers in northern Africa — and ABLE, a Knox College African-American group.