Small Talk with Vir Das: Jokes apart

From the Bangalore Mirror:

Vir Das has been funny since he was 21. After four years of serious acting at schools in the US, he concluded comedy was more fun. “It was more a rebellion than a shift. I needed an art form that was more personal and fluid,” he offers. Today, a stand-up comedian at 30, he gets all the laughs.

“I have the best job in the world,” he grins. In the city for his production house Weirdass Productions’ Ham-ateur Nights performances, Das has brought together young comedians who want to be funny, on “our owna terms” in every different mass medium. “And we also drink a lot of chai,” he admits.....

As a young acting student at Knox College, Illinois, Chicago, Das couldn’t sleep for weeks before his debut performance for an audience of 700. “After I got the first laugh and my first standing ovation, I couldn’t sleep for another couple of weeks, out of the excitement,” he remembers. But close to a decade in the business, his nightmares remain about not being able to see ghosts. “Being a comic is like being the only one in the room who saw the ghost. So I need to see ghosts around me everyday,” he exclaims.