Friday night magic

From the Register-Mail:

The cadence of cards being shuffled, sliding together and flipped over filled the gaming room at Alternate Realities on Feb. 12. The card noise was punctuated with commentary and chuckling, but the men playing the card game were incredibly focused.

“Anybody got a wolf or elephant token over there?” one player said.

Seconds later another player said, “Did you mill him?”

The players seemed to be speaking a foreign language to one another, and they were. It was the language of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering.

“It’s two wizards battling over control of territory,” said Ben Bowers, describing the game at its most basic level of understanding. “You have 20 life points. The first person to take their opponent to zero wins.”

A 21-year-old Knox student, Bowers has been playing Magic since his cousin taught him the game nine years ago and owns thousands of cards. He works at the comics and gaming store Alternate Realities, in the Weaver Main Street Center, which is a perfect fit for his hobby.