Woodland Roots

From the Murphysboro American:

Down a gravel road that cuts through steep wooded river bluffs along the Spoon River is a passive solar home with international provenance.

The home was conceived in the mind of Noel Lane while he was in Vietnam during the war.

It’s the only house along a three-mile stretch of road in a setting so peaceful that bald eagles and coyotes are more likely to visit than neighbors. In winter, Lane’s wife, Jamie, used to return home from third shift at the hospital where she worked, park on the main road and cross country ski in moonlight the rest of the way home…..

He said key elements that make passive solar effective are orientation, window placement, open floor plan and thermal mass. His utility bill in winter totals less than $85 a month for about 2,000 square feet of living space, as well as powering two deep freezers and a 15-year-old refrigerator.

Noel and Jamie Lane home schooled their sons but bought a house in Macomb so their youngest son could finish high school there. He and his mother live in town during the week.