Knox plans for security effort


When Bill Clinton came to Galesburg in 1995 to launch his Middle Class Bill of Rights, John Schlaf was chief of the Galesburg Police Department.

Schlaf now heads security for Knox College and again is working with Secret Service agents, this time in preparation for Clinton’s arrival on Saturday to deliver the commencement address at the college.

“Chief Schlaf has been wonderful to have here,” said Karrie Heartlein, director of public relations at Knox. “He’s been through this before and he understands how the Galesburg Police Department works.”

Secret Service agents have been in town since at least Tuesday, working with college and law enforcement officials.

“We didn’t have to deal with Secret Service with previous speakers,” Heartlein said.

Clinton was a sitting president last time he visited Galesburg, so security likely will be different this time around, Heartlein said.

“Campus security is working closely with the Galesburg Police Department to make sure we have sufficient security personnel on campus. All of our security people will be working this weekend,” Heartlein said.

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