Great-grandnephew of Civil War general to be honored

From the Galena Gazette (Galena, Ill):

Although born in Kentucky, Buford grew up in Rock Island. After attending Knox College for a year, he accepted an appointment to West Point, graduating 16th in his class.

A tribute to a great-grand nephew of a Civil War general will be held at the Lost Mound Cemetery south of Galena…..

The nephew is Hanover resident James Raymond Lewis, a World War II and Korean Conflict veteran, who died Oct. 31, 2009. His great-grand uncle is Maj. Gen. John Buford of Civil War fame….

When the Civil War erupted, Buford had to decide whether to side with the North or South. Although his wife’s family owned slaves and some family members chose to fight for the South, Buford supported the Union cause.

He may be best known for the role he played at Cemetery Ridge in the Battle of Gettysburg./p>

In December 1863, upon hearing that Buford would soon die of typhoid, President Lincoln promoted him to major general. Buford died on Dec. 13, 1863.