Knox graduate to appear on ‘The Office’

From the Register-Mail:

Former Knox College student Amy Rieckelman will appear on NBC’s “The Office” tonight.
Rieckelman, a 1997 graduate of Macomb High School who majored in theater at Knox College, moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in October 2007. She works at Chango Coffee and Spaceland, a live music venue.

For Rieckelman, her role on “The Office” is another step up the ladder to achieving her dream of becoming an actress. Although she doesn’t have an agent yet, Rieckelman is hopeful her role on “The Office” will make agents notice her.

The episode is the show’s return after the Winter Olympics and will feature the long-awaited birth of Pam and Jim’s baby.

For those who don’t watch “The Office,” Pam and Jim are co-workers who, after dancing around each other for four seasons, finally married during an October 2009 episode.

In tonight’s episode, Rieckelman will play the girlfriend of one of “The Office” co-workers.

Rieckelman landed the part after auditioning for writer and co-executive producer Paul Lieberstein, who plays “Toby” on the show, and the episode’s director, who turned out to be quite a surprise.

“I walked in and there was Harold Ramis,” Rieckelman said about her audition during a phone interview Wednesday. “I was like ‘I don’t care if I get this role, I’m on the set of ‘The Office,’ this has been a good day.’ ”