‘Crimes of the Heart’ a drama with a funny bone

From the Chronicle & Democrat (Rochester, NY):

Stephanie Roosa has been waiting a long time to be in Crimes of the Heart.

She first fell in love with the Pulitzer Prize-winning play — opening at Blackfriars Theatre today — when she was a theater major at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. One of Roosa’s professors assigned her to perform a scene from Crimes in class.

“When I saw that Blackfriars (Theatre) was doing it, I knew I had to audition,” says Roosa, 31, who lives in Irondequoit.

The play runs through April 10.

Written by Beth Henley, Crimes is a comedy/drama set in Hazlehurst, Miss., during the mid-1970s.

At the center of the story are three sisters: Lenny, 30 (played by Roosa); Meg, 27; and Babe, 24. When the play begins, Babe has just shot her husband and is in jail. Meg, an aspiring singer, has arrived home from living in Hollywood. And it’s Lenny’s 30th birthday — a fact that few seem to remember.