Knox College President Taylor to resign: Wants to spend more time with wife

From the Register-Mail:

Knox College President Roger L. Taylor said today he is resigning from his post.

“It is the right time,” Taylor said, adding that he expects to stick around until the college finds another president, and might stay on for as long as another academic year.

A 1963 Knox graduate, Taylor served in the U.S. Navy, received a law degree at Northwestern University and practiced law for 30 years before retiring to his family farm south of Galesburg.

Leaving his post as the chairman of the Knox College Board of Trustees to serve as interim president in September 2001, Taylor was selected as Knox’s 18th president in February 2002.

Taylor cited several reasons why it was the “right time” for him to step down.

“The college has just gone through a re-accreditation process, the college is starting on a new round of strategic planning and the college will celebrate its 175th anniversary during the 2011-2012 academic year,” he said. “That would be a wonderful time for the new president to launch his or her service at the college.”

But mostly, Taylor said, he’s thrilled to spend more time with his wife Anne, who is also a ’63 grad and is the pro-bono counsel for the college.

“These jobs are consuming, all-consuming, so we’d like to spend a little more time together,” he said.