Turning those personality flaws into strengths

From the Washington Examiner (Washington, D.C.):

We tend to think of certain personality traits in black and white terms. A sense of humor, for instance, may be considered highly valuable, while swearing is certainly not. Recently, however, researchers are finding upsides to our perceived faults. In moderation, some experts say, certain flaws can actually be strengths.

Swapping the latest juicy tidbits about David Letterman’s extramarital affair may seem unkind. But as long as you know when to keep your mouth shut (that means not spreading rumors about your boss), gossiping about other people may help you bond with peers and could even teach you valuable lessons about your own relationships. “We are naturally fascinated by other people,” says Frank McAndrew, a professor of psychology at Knox College who studies the habit. “In fact, gossiping is part of human nature.”