Freemasonry code cracked at Knox College

From the Peoria Journal Star:

Symbolism that eluded detection for more than 150 years has become a modern-day Knox College version of “The DaVinci Code.”

Philosophy professor Lance Factor recounts how he cracked the code and deciphered the messages in his new book, “Chapel in the Sky: Knox College’s Old Main and Its Masonic Architect” published by Northern Illinois University Press.

Just months after hitting store shelves, the book has gone into its second printing.

“We felt positive about this book, but we didn’t expect we’d go into the second printing so fast,” said Linda Manning, assistant director of marketing and sales manager at Northern Illinois University Press.

The mystery at Knox started presenting itself to Factor almost subconsciously. He has taught at Knox for 40 years, and walking to his office in Old Main, he’d wonder why the building’s windows spanned multiple stories. He wondered why there were precise triangular grids in the transoms above doors, what purpose the niches in the corner towers served and what the patterns on the floor meant.

The building was designed by architect Charles Ulricson, a Swedish immigrant who was living in Peoria and was commissioned to design the Knox College building which was completed in 1857.