President Clinton addresses Knox graduates


The graduating seniors at Knox College got the speech of a lifetime from former President Bill Clinton.

For the 240 graduates from the class of 2007, the day is a right of passage.

One student calling it “a moment in time sealed in my memory very clearly.”

Others are thinking of the borders that extend beyond the Knox College campus.

“With all the problems the world has this class will do amazing things because it has the strength and stride to do it.”

As students begin to think about making a change in their world community, a special speaker, former President Clinton paid a visit, asking that the students “serve in some way.”

Mr. Clinton says global issues like war, prejudice, and environmental issues—will not be solved until humanity can accept our differences and unite.

“The only way we can give up malice, anger, and division is if we believe in common humanity is more important than interesting differences.”

Read the full transcript at WMBD TV-31.