Uncovering the Masonic Mysteries of Knox College’s Architecture

From mediabistro.com:

Thanks to our randomly stumbling across this story in Peoria, Illinois’ local paper, the JournalStar, this weekend, now on our must-read list is Lance Factor’s new book Chapel in the Sky: Knox College’s Old Main and Its Masonic Architect. As best we can describe it, the books sounds like The DaVinci Code  for the architecture set, telling the story of Factor’s discovery that the Illinois’ college’s centerpiece building, home to one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates, was designed by a Freemason-connected Swedish architect who secretly built it using Masonic principals despite the fact that the college was rabidly anti-Masonic (this was all in the mid-1800s, so that explains why people would have strong Masonic leanings one way or the other).