New Class of Gale Scholars Inducted

From WGIL radio:

Sixteen new local junior high school students now have the chance to go to Knox and Carl Sandburg Colleges free, as long as they keep their grades up and get involved in their communities.

The two colleges and the Galesburg School District Thursday inducted the 16 into the annual George Washington Gale Scholars Program. Named after the founder of Galesburg and of Knox College, the program selects the Churchill and Lombard Junior High students through an application process. Once selected, if they successfully graduate from Galesburg High School and meet all the other requirements, they can attend Knox and Sandburg without cost.

Les Hunter is the Director of the Gale Scholars program, and says Thursday’s induction ceremony is a day of celebration, even though the students have an eight-year task ahead of them.

“What that is, is a ticket to opportunity that you’ve earned and will continue to earn,” Hunter said to the students. “You’ll receive…a certificate (of induction), and I like to call that a ticket. And you’ll continue to get that ticket punched along the way over the next eight years. Eight years from now, you will graduate and walk across the stage at Knox College. That ticket will give you opportunity; it will be a college degree.”