A tale from Wales: Knox College student’s journey to study poet Dylan Thomas

From the Register-Mail:

Our second day in Swansea, Wales, I stood in 5 Cwndonkin Drive, in the bedroom of the house. In that room, Welsh poet Dylan Thomas was born on Oct. 27, 1914. His life, after emerging from that room, is considered by many as a life of depression, drinking and exquisite writing.

After studying Thomas for 10 weeks as a part of a class with Knox College, those of us who went on the journey to Wales were able to see a bit further inside his head. We saw the sea that influenced him. We saw the places where he lived and traveled, and learned about his obsessions with the grey haze of Wales and his endless thoughts on the end of life.

We went to Wales over spring break in mid-March; 40 students from Knox College as well as English professor Robin Metz and theater professor Liz Carlin-Metz. We went to step into Thomas’s life and learn the importance of place in writing. Stepping off the plane, we could not have imagined what lay before us: Welsh cakes, tiny white lambs, the harsh and lovely Welsh accent, a scientology castle and the path of Thomas’s life.