City Landmark Commission honors 3 with preservation Awards

From the Register-Mail:

Earlier this month, the city Landmark Commission recognized three structures with Historic Preservation Awards. These structures included The Runges’ home, Corpus Christi Catholic Church and Knox College’s Old Main….

Old Main, Knox College

Knox College President Roger Taylor said a few years ago, severe straight line winds hit Galesburg and did a lot of damage in town. Some of that damage included lifting up the roof on the southwest corner of Old Main.

“It became obvious that the sensible thing to do was to have a new roof,” Taylor said.

A new roof was constructed out of copper, which is historically accurate.

“(Copper) has a longer life span than any other kind of roof,” Taylor said.

Additionally, the platform around the bell tower was restored to its historical appearance; Taylor said that when the platform was repaired after a tornado in the 1960s, the platform was covered up. For this work, Old Main was given an award by the Landmark Commission.

The restoration work was done before Knox’s commencement in June 2008.