What it takes to teach future IT leaders

From IT World Canada:

On the morning of our conversation, Rick Swanborg isn’t grading papers or planning his next lecture. He’s dealing with some errors from his payroll processor and going back and forth with the State of Massachusetts on some money he’s already given them. Such is the nature of being part academic, part entrepreneur.

A graduate of Knox College with a degree in mathematics and computer science, Swanborg spends part of his time running ICEX, a company which organizes confidential executive forums as an alternative to traditional research and conferences. He also teaches business strategy and information technology at Boston University’s School of Management. This summer, he takes his expertise online as one of the first instructors in IT World Canada’s TechLearningSpace.com, which will offer courses in architecture, governance and organization as well as IT strategy, measurement and value.

CIO Canada recently spoke with Professor Swanborg over the phone at his home base in Boston.