Stephen Colbert, Dr. Gregory House in mutual admiration society

From Kansas

The funniest relationship on TV might be the clandestine, cross-network affair between “The Colbert Report” and “House.”

If you look carefully, you can spot a small, framed photograph of Hugh Laurie, the star of Fox’s “House,” on the set of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report.” “House” has reciprocated the gesture with a photo of Colbert that sits on Dr. Gregory House’s desk.

On a recent “Report,” Stephen Colbert said House’s photo sits on his shelf because he’s a huge fan of the TV doctor.

“House and I have a lot in common,” Colbert, in mock pundit character, said on the show. “We both refuse to play by the rules, never consider the consequences of our actions and are horribly abusive to our staffs.

“In the end, we’re both always right.”

The shelf behind Colbert’s C-shaped desk contains a collection of odd objects that he has found reason to keep by some twist of the show’s bizarre comedic meanderings. The House photo currently rests, Colbert noted, “in a place of honor next to my coin purse made from a bull scrotum.”

Colbert first placed the photo on his set in June 2006 after Colbert (the real one) received an honorary degree from Knox College. This made him a doctor, Colbert claimed, and next to his degree, he placed photos of three other TV doctors: House, Noah Drake from “General Hospital” and Cliff Huxtable from “The Cosby Show.”