Knox greets Class of 2014

From the Register-Mail:

Enrollment at Knox College is holding steady this year, with an estimated entering class of 407 for the 2010 academic year, up from 399 last year.

The college embraced new students and their families Saturday, welcoming them to an institution steeped in history that remains a vital part of Galesburg.

“You are beginning a new part of your life by joining something that is quite old,” Dean of Students Larry Breitborde told new students who assembled on the east lawn of Old Main. “From this day forward you become part of Knox’s history.”

Breitborde pointed to the college’s fine tradition in his speech to the entering class. He noted that much about the college has remained the same since it was founded in 1837, especially the commitment to a liberal education.

Some things have changed. Breitborde said that in 1910, 100 years ago, tuition was $25 a semester at Knox and room and board was available with local families for $4 or $5 a week. Today, tuition at Knox is $32,679, with another $7,341 for room and board, although most students receive need-based federal aid.

Knox College President Roger Taylor, who mingled and spoke to students Saturday, was greeting a new class at Knox for the last time as the college’s head. He announced earlier this year that he plans to retire by June 2011.

Taylor told the new students they would build relationships at Knox that would last for the rest of their lives. As evidence, he recounted how he met his wife Anne as a freshman at Knox in 1959, when he arrived in Galesburg as a “bashful farm boy from Fulton County.”