Students get mucky cleaning up Back River

From the Baltimore Sun:

You can talk all you want about cleaning up the environment, but sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty.

That’s the lesson a muck-spattered Ben Boor says he’s picked up from his summer job clearing debris from Back River, one of Maryland’s most degraded waterways. And some think it could be a lesson on how to tackle the Chesapeake Bay, too.

As the sun blazed overhead Wednesday morning, the 21-year-old from Bel Air and three other area college students waded across the mudflats downriver from Interstate 695, reaching into the shallow water to wrest tires, a plastic garbage can and a waterlogged foam cushion from the murky ooze.

Boor, a senior at Knox College in Illinois, had planned to spend his summer studying botany, something related to his major. But when he couldn’t find any paying internships, he opted instead for part-time work for minimum wage with the Back River Restoration Committee, a local community group trying to clean up the river. He says he’s not sorry it worked out that way.